meet the artist: 




Hello there! My name is Maria Darwish. I'm an architect, interior designer, muralist, illustrator & artist based in Cairo, Egypt. 
I'm most passionate about painting funky murals. It's been said that my work is whimsical, colorful and dreamy. I've always been in love with colors, fascinated by the life they give to things. My mediums of choice are watercolors and inks, because of their overlaying textures and free nature. My work on this website includes murals, art commissions, art prints, and a few practical products. I hope to keep evolving along my artistic journey; to grow my creative community, my forms of expression and my empathetic senses.

Some of the organizations I've worked with are: Al Ismailia Real Estate Development, the Egyptian National Post Museum, Starbucks, Grain Studio, amongst others. If you’d like to make a business inquiry please get in touch via email:, or fill the contact us form :)







did you study / what did you study?

I have a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Architectural Engineering from the American University in Cairo.

do I need a degree?

I don’t believe artists need a degree in a career that is based on creative endeavours and expression. That's a decision that you'll need to make. I am happy that I have a degree in architecture, because it taught me more personal qualities than subject materials, such as persistence, work under pressure, dealing with creative block, and conceptualization. Institutional settings for learning are helpful in forming networks you wouldn't typically have, and they provide a bigger work space and facilities to practice your creativity. But it’s also very stressful, and unnecessarily expensive.

how did you find your style / how can I find mine?

Developing my style has and will be an ever evolving journey. I just paint according to mood and with colors and forms that I like. I don’t regard myself as having a specific style. But I have heard from people that my work is generally very colorful and whimsical. I wouldn’t want to feel confined in a style though, I like to explore different things, themes and mediums. 

how did you get into illustrations and murals?

With murals, someone trusted me with a wall, and the rest was history. The bigger commissions started after I won a mural competition and executed it, and then it’s word of mouth and largely also social media. With illustration, I’ve been painting since the age of two, because I have a very artistic family. It runs in my blood. I started posting my work at the age of 16 maybe and then it grew from there, thanks to instagram and a very supportive community. 




what materials do you use?

Paper Arches 300 GSM Watercolour Paper for Watercolor Originals. Prints are on Fabriano 230 GSM paper

Watercolors  A nameless watercolor set and another from Van Gogh

Brushes Pure Kolinsky Sable Brushes from Rosemary and Co. 

Sketchbooks Leuchtturm1917, Grain, and Canson Watercolor

Ink  Unipen Fineliners, Random Ink Bottles

Frames  Natural wooden frames 1.5-2 cm thick






what do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Please send an email with your order number (you can find this in your email confirmation) and a description of the issue to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

how often do you ship orders?

We ship orders once a week. 

how long does shipping usually take?

It usually takes 3-5 days for prints and products if they’re available in stock. If something is made to order, it takes 1-2 weeks. Original commissioned paintings take 3-4 weeks, and murals depend on size and detail and availability in our schedule.

I put in the wrong address or item, can I have a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the input of incorrect information, or if you suddenly decide you don’t like the product. As a small business we can't afford to do so. We only refund if there is something wrong with the item, like broken frame glass or tinted product. 

can I message you?

We love feedback! And we love to see the artwork placed in your spaces! Please do send pictures or share them on your social media. Every little act of support counts and keeps us going. 

what type of packaging do you use?

Posters and art prints are wrapped in kraft paper, with a thick carton for protection. Framed items are wrapped with kraft paper securely followed by bubble wrap for protection. Everything is adorned with pretty little stickers and lots of gratitude.

does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

We strive for a high degree of image accuracy. The artwork is accurate, however the frames are similar to the ones used, but they are mockups, so the shade of wood or the thickness of the frame may vary slightly. Typically the frame thickness is 1.5cm